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Official Timing Procedure for Region 16 Marching

  • * The 5:00 clock will begin when the announcer gives the cue for your band to enter the field for your 5 minute warmup.
  • *At the end of 4 munutes, 15 secounds (clock shows :45), the announcer reads the band's announcer script.
  • *When 5:00 clock shows :20, the clock will be reset and the final :20 will be kept on a stopwatch in the press box.
  • *The 8:00 clock begins when the final minute expires.
  • *Judges are instructed not begin judging until the 8:00 minute clock shows 7:59.
  • *At the conclusion of the band's performance the post script will be read as your band exits the field.  Two minutes are allowed to exit the field and clear the marching surface of all equipment, instruments and props.  A BAND THAT FAILS TO BE CLEAR OF THE FIELD (OUTSIDE THE SIDELINES OR ENDLINES) OR CONTUNUES TO USE INSTRUMENTAL OR VERBAL CAEDENCE AT THE END OF TWO MINUTES WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. 
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